Negrotronix: In Search of the Black Hipster


This is what it is people…Negrotronix: In Search of the Black Hipster is a project that I’ve wanted to create for the past 8 months. This essence of the project is a musical complilation with music collected from black artist that push the boundaries of hip hop, r&b, soul, etc. Or as Jay Z would say “some other sh-t”.

People who read this site faithfully (or those who are similar to myself and have exqusite taste) I am asking for your suggestions, mp3s, vinyl recommendations, whatever it may be to put this project together. So far I have everything from Sa-Ra to Spank Rock to Aloe Blacc and tons of other artists on deck, but hey you can never have enough to pick from and other people can always put you onto something new.

Get at me people and lets make this happen!!!

Stone can I get a Couch Sessions co-sign?