Lupe Fiasco – I Got Cha Video


Not making this Lupe Fiasco week, but Honey Soul just linked to the new video for his US single, “I Got Cha” featuring Pharrell, of course. Why does this jawn remind me so much of that Jay-Z Foxy Brown video from back in the day? Colorful can’t even really describe what’s going down here.

The YouTube version will be up very soon, unless the \clowns at Atlantic have anything to say about it. The track itself is actually getting decent radio play, and I almost lost my ish when I heard it at the club a couple weeks ago. I’m glad that the clowns at Atlantic dropped this single over Daydream, because he needed a good club hit to break in the US.

Speaking of breaking, I’m going to plead and beg will all of y’all to BUY FOOD AND LIQOUR. If you’re feelin’ Lupe and you want to help this alternative/Negrotronix/hip-hop culture to progress, then you have to send the major labels a message. All they react to is dollars and cents, and if acts like Lupe fail nationally, then it means more Laffy Taffy for you.