Hollywood Holt: Is Chicago on this Next Ish?


Hollywood Holt – Bang That
Hollywood Holt – Freshman

So there was a slight possibility that I would be writing this post from Chicago right now. Back in the day, (like 3 months ago), I was dating this girl and she mentioned that we should move to Chicago together. At first, I was hesitant, but the next day I was bout it. Of course, that would’ve been the worst decision of my life, but hey, what can I say…..Chicago is on fire right now.

Rome called it. Chicago is on some next level ish right now. First Kid Sister, now I’m stumblin’ over Hollywood Holt from a profile that I read at Scattermish (which has easily become one of my favorite blogs right now). Anyway, is this a new Chicago sound? I would try to compare it to Baltimore Club, but it doesnt focus on breakbeats at all. It sounds more like Detroit electoclash mixed with ATL crunk and Miami Bass.

This is quality right here. The same people behind Hollywood Holt produced some tracks for Lupe Fiasco, but they don’t say what tracks they produced or even if they made the final cut, so I’m skeptical about that claim. Also, the dude was on So You Think You Can Dance, which may lessen his street cred, but that never stopped Tupcac. The beats are tight though, and I’m going to slip these tracks in at my next party to get some reactions.