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Exclusive Flavor of Love Video (Quicktime)
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So yeah, the Couch Sessions is supposed to be about alternative culture, new music, anti-Clear Channel, and yada, yada yada. But even though I roll with what the people at XXL might call a pseudo-backpacker mentality, I gotta admit that I’m a fan of Flavor of Love.

Flav, is at it again. And VH1, seeing that they were pulling Chappelle’s show numbers with the show was happy to make it happen. The following clip is supposedly unedited video from an interracial lovefest (also known as a postfight argument) with two of the Flav’s new girls, “Htown” & “Saaphyr.” It looks like the ish is about to get rough. The second season of Flavor of Love premieres this Sunday at 10PM and I’m definitely tuning in. (Much thanks to JD for the clip.)