Tuesday Blandness


The track selection today is eh. No standout tracks for you guys, but again, as a public service I’m obliged to post. Luda is on point as always. John Legend fails to impress surprisingly, and Talib Kweli is still….Talib Kweli. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, right?

John Legend – Save Room

Eh. I dig Legend but he’s really sounding like a Vegas lounge singer in this one. It’s definitely on Elvis Costello type of vibe. Hopefully this is not making it to his next album.

Talib Kweli – What I Feel

So other than Blackstar, I’ve never liked Talib Kweli. He’s the epitome of what people hate about backpack rap. He has no flow. His lyrics are tired. And his beats are wack. Please Talib, pick a new profession. Real estate investing is hot right now.

Ludacris – Tell It Like It Is

Luda is back with a vengeance. He basically calls “the industry.” I have a feeling that calling out “the industry,” will be in thing to do in ’06 -’07. Good. The music biz has been corrupt for years. You already have Method Man and Nas taking shots. Luda takes his, but gives y’all up and coming rappers some advice on the music biz. Seems like the years of artists not having their publishing rights are coming to an end.