The Summer Is Hot

Dayum. It’s hot outside. I don’t know how it is where you are, but its supposed ot hit 100 degrees today in DC. And that’s NOT with humidity. Anyway, take a look at these tracks and cool yourself down.

Purple Robbin All Stars – Body Rock (Bird Peterson Remix)

Abstract jazz and crunk? You don’t think that ish goes together, but in the hands of the right DJ it almost seems like this track was A&R approved. This might be my favorite track of the summer.

Gnarls Biggie – Ten Feng Shui Commandments

I blogged about Gnarls Biggie last week and you’ll probably hear more about the project on this Blog in the upcoming future. As with most mash-ups, the quality of each song varies. The dudes from Sound Advice gave me Gnarls Biggie joint this morning and there are definitely more hits than misses. The website should be up sometime today.

Pharaell feat Jay-Z – Young Girl

Eh, the more I listen to the Pharrell tracks, the more I think that In My Mind might be a disappointment. Nep drops more bangers than anyone, but sometimes they get complacent and switch up the same beat. I hear that Chad Hugo is the actual brains behind the operation anyway.

Danny Swain – Where Were You

Danny Swain is the truth people. Forget the indie label, the production on this track will rival anything from the majors. The lyrics are on point. Go cop Charm! now. (BTW, its not really a summer song per se. In fact, it sorta a downer, but its still top notch.)

Basement Jaxx – Hush Boy

This had the makings of a hot Basement Jaxx track, but they lyrics are so damn juvenile and asinine that I had to click close on the Winamp. The gist of the track? It’s a continuation of “Oh My Gosh.” Its supposed to be a first date, they find a Mexican restaurant, hook up, and the dude’s ex-girlfriend walks in. Drama ensues. I only posted this because I’ve been a fan of the Jaxx since day one, but the stuff they’re dropping lately is complete bunk (as Sacha Orenstein would say).

Trackademicks – Oh Sheila (Remix)

The Trackademicks Spring mixtape is FIRE. The dude from the bay is creating some of the hottest beats out there right now. The Yay area dude follows the same negroclash trend as J*Davey and SA-RA, but its a bit more “accessible” for the clubs. Hopefully this track will be bumpin’ on iPods everywhere.