The Next Hotness? Danny Swain


Danny Swain – Can’t Wait (Radio Edit)

Can we compare Danny Swain to Kanye? No. But its tempting. The South Carolina based producer/MC has a similar flow and style and he mimics the whole “college dropout” thing to a tee. However, he might have more “cred” in the backpack industry, because he actually got kicked out of college for a grade changing scandal. That’s gangsta right there.

Seriously though, this dude’s flow is sick. Unlike Kanye, he can actually rap. Add to that, the fact that the beats are better than anything that 9th Wonder has put out lately. Add to that the fact that he produced over 90% of the labum, and made the damn website. After dropping some EPs, playing off the whole Kanye theme (F.O.O.D. -Finding Out Our Destination and The College Kicked Out), Swain is coming out strong with the self-produced, self-promoted album Charm, which follows what his bio describes as a “up-and-coming rapper who looks to fame as a way to escape dismal reality.” Interesting.

Haven’t gotten my hands on Charm yet, but expect a full review soon.

Danny Swain Official Website
Danny Swain at the MySpace