Sony WTF?

by Winston "Stone" Ford

So this isn’t exactly music related, but I thought it might be interesting to point out.


According to the internets there is more to the ad campaign than than the picture above. It’s for the new “white” PSP and it’s supposed to be fighting with the current “black” PSP. The “black” gets to choke the “white” PSP. Woo Hoo?? What do y’all think? (via Digg, PS Forum)

  • Miss Hipstah

    I think it’s interesting that it’s the black and white PSPs “fighting” but I also think the sexual tension that the ad conveys is even more interesting. What’s that all about?

  • Che Energies

    Doesn’t look much of a fight. Looks like a beatdown to me! Hmmmmmmmmm…Dunno bout that concept. Its well dodgy!

  • Rachel

    its a part of a dutch ad campaign and the “black” and “white” psp are supposed to be fighting each other. Then they “kiss and make” up at the end. there is another picture of the “black” psp beating up the “white” psp as well.

    i don’t think its racist…..just completely misguided. i understand why people are overreacting, but people in the us need to chill because this is the last thing we need to argue about.

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