Random Ish: The What’s Going On? Edition


This is probably the most depressing random ish

Seriously WTF? So why are people trying to start World War 3? Its sad because now there is a humanitarian crisis (200 civilians dead) in Lebanon right now and of course we won’t do anything to help it. At least I know that my friends in the region are safe. One’s in Tel Aviv and the other got evacuated by boat from Beirut yesterday.

In other news…

Regina King will be on 24 AND another black president? Jack Bauer does more for diversity before 9AM than most folk do all day.

The Washington Post tries to justify (badly) what we knew all along. When a black person dies in the District of Columbia, he’ll never make the front page.

Moving on..Entourage is always my favorite show of the summer. I was scared that they were gonna go Sopranos on us with the whole non-plot thing, but the writers are actually setting up cliffhangers at the end of each show. Nice.

And yes, I want to drive down the streets of LA in an Aston Martin and bump Spank Rock like Eric did two episodes ago.

Oh, and my nice apartment with the yard in the posh section of town got taken off of rent control. Damn bastards. Can someone recommend some spots?

Or maybe I should just move to Philly?

A Bulletproof Ipod case? Now that’s gangsta.

Oh, and Jerome is spinning tonight at the Commonwealth party in Norfolk along with Jus Ske (Pharrell’s DJ) and DJ Delinger.

And more blog beef, this time between Clyde Smith and Chris Ex. Eh.

A new Portishead album should drop in 2006. I don’t know how I feel about this. They created two classics that will be hard has hell for them to top.

And finally, Spank Rock is putting their acappella’s up on their site Jay-Z style. The best remixes willl make it to a special release of YoYoYoYoYo. (via Discob)

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