Random Ish: The SexyBack Edition

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Justin Timberlake – SexyBack

Not to get all pop on y’all but the new Justin Timberlake track leaked today, so I figured that I had to post as a public service of course. Damn….as my friend would say…”this shit is ill son, know what I’m sayin?” It almost SA-RAish, but still accessible for “the club.” And its a Timbo produced track, once again proving that Timbaland > Neputnes right now. Could Mr. Timberlake get his ghetto pass back?

Rome hit yall with the new Roots/Peedi Crack collabo that dropped last week. THIS is what the new Roots should sound like. The other single was eh……but if all of their tracks follow this formula then Game Theory could be album of the year.

Some more pop ish: The “lost” Nelly Furtado/Chris Martin/Timbaland collabo is out at Stereogum. This track made it to the album, but I guess the suits figured that Chris Martin would diminish Ms. Furtado’s ho cred. For cross-genre collabos, it’s a hot track, but I’m not gonna judge it beyond that.

And Outkast haters please shut up. They will never go back to their Southernplayalisticsoutherncadilakmuzik days so deal with it. If they fell off, please explain why they sold 10 5 million copies of their last album?

India.Arie is number one? I didn’t even know that she was dropping an album? Where have I been? I need to read Honey Soul more often :)

And I’m gonna hit you with some real obscure ish come next week. Watch out.

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  • Jerome

    People can move to H St. NE if they want. My man had his spot run in 3 times in 8 months and he lived on 8th and H.

    Outkast sucks. 94 big/dre > 06 big and dre

  • Sach

    “please explain why they sold 10 5 million copies of their last album?”

    While I’m quick to applaud Hiphop/pop mixes that work, I’m certainly not going to condone experiments gone awry, particularly when it involves once respectable artists embarrassing themselves to get on the 80’s revival bandwagon. I hate to go back to 3rd grade arguments, but record sales are in no way a valid measure of musical quality, only a valid measure of marketing and promotion. No one’s asking Outkast to go back to 1994, all we want is for them to keep evolving without releasing borderline wack material.

    And while we’re at it, the Timberlake track (and fuck it, Nelly Furtado’s entire album) is bunk son. I’ll end on a high note though; we can at least agree that the new Roots song is better than anything they’ve released in recent memory.

  • Stone


    Andre 3000 does not want to rap anymore.

    I was reading somewhere (vibe?) that he only rapped on Mighty Oh because people wanted him to. He half assed it. I’m convinced that he’s only doing this music thing because of contractual obligations.

    The dude wants to sing. If that’s his wish then so be it. The market will determine if he would be successful at it. And since Love Below went 5x platnum then is seems like the market likes what it hears.

    Weird that you big up Gnarls Barkley and diss Outkast. Cee Lo and Andre 3000 are following the same parallels. Both don’t wanna rap and both are goin’ off in left feild. And as much as GB is cool, Outkast has an established track record.

    As for Xtina….the Primo track is tight……but I’m pretty sure the album will be bunk.