Lupe Fiasco – I Gotcha

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Lupe Fiasco – “I Gotcha”

I don’t think this track is extraordinary, but it’s it fills that “club track” void that was missing on Food and Liquor bootleg. And that’s a good thing, trust me. We all love Lupe (no brokeback, of course) because he’s the “thinking man’s rapper.” I consider myself a cross of Lupe and Murs personally. But we know he won’t sell anything unless he has big name producers. Getting the Neptunes to produce this track is a good look.

Update: Nah Right has yet another Lupe/Jill Scott track. This ish is fire. Can I dare say that Lupe is the “truth?”

  • jerome

    the lupe/jill song is called “daydreams”. i hate the hook, but dude spits real tuff.

  • Rachel

    the hook is from the british song Daydream….one of my fav. songs. portishead actually sampled the melody for glory box.

  • Thomas

    According to this site, there’s a part one AND part two to this song…hmmmm?,,3705301,00.html

  • varrod

    The hook is actually from ‘Daydream In Blue’ by I Monster. Portishead sampled a completely different track for their ‘Glory Box’ song. This was an Isaac Hayes tune. The sample used by I Monster and Lupe is from The Gunter Kallman Choir. However, they do sound quite similar.

  • Stone

    To clear things up…

    I Monster sampled Gunter Kallman “Daydream,” which is the hook on Lupe’s track.

    Portishead sampled Issac Hayes “Ike’s Rap III” for Glory Box.

    And they all lived happily ever after….

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