It’s Messed Up, I know

This site has been through hell and back.

On Monday, my Movable Type installation crashed.

On Tuesday, the computer with the backup Movable Type files crashed.

On Wednesday, I still couldn’t figure out what the hell happened to the site. But since Surfspeedy was messin’ up, I decided to switch webhosts and reinstall movable type. The site is still up, but people are starting to get suspicious. Get two emails from people who can’t post comments to the site.

On Friday, switched web hosts but new webhosts messes up with the domain registration.

Saturday/Sunday: The Couch Sessions goes dark. Me and my new web host don’t start off on good terms.

Monday: Another arguement with web host. Threaten street justice. Problem fixed.

I’m still trying to get everything back in order. I figured out how to transfer all of the posts and comments from the old MySQL database, but trackbacks are gone. Also, Authors and categories didn’t come over properly, so I have to manually fix them in the database.

Things should be back up and running sometime today.