Gnarls Biggie

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Since these things are a dime a dozen, I’m surprised that it took so long to make a Gnarls Barkley mashup album.

I mean, Dangermouse singlehandedly created this genre, didn’t he?

This new mashup CD is the brainchild of Sound Advice and was apparently created in a week. No MP3’s yet. Just a preview EPK on YouTube. These projects always are hit or miss, so I’m sure that some of these tracks will be hot but I doubt that it will get album of the year.

Gnarls Biggie drops on July 18th. You know I’m getting my hands on this for review.

Props to Miss Hipstah for the find.

  • freenyc

    If your in NYC, come check out the Gnarls Biggie release party, Friday, July 28th at Bugjuice. Sound Advice will be on hand spinning the tracks live all night and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad will be playing live (6 piece roots, dub, reggae, etc).

    Date: Friday, July 14th
    Time: 10:00pm – 4:00am
    Location: Luke & Leroy (21 7th Ave South at Leroy)
    Cost: Free before 11pm, $5 after
    Open Bar: Brahma Beer (and

    full info at

    from your friends at

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