Gear: iFlip


As a former iPod hater, I gotta say that they converted me since I got my video iPod. The 4.3 inch screen is decent enough for me and the fact that iTunes is now fully stocked with TV shows makes it a worthwhile deal for me.

However, for those who want to step their game up, Memorex introduces the iFlip for the 8th generation video iPod. The iFlip features an 8.4 inch screen, dual headphone jacks (so you and your girl can watch a movie at the same time), and s-Video out. Also, the iFlip comes with an integrated lithium-ion battery and built in speakers.

The unit looks like it could be a success. Its a good look for people who travel, but don’t feel like taking along a laptop and a bunch of DVD’s. iFlip should drop in September and retail for around $200. (via iLounge)