Do You Know Who I AM??????

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I’m the Juggernaut Beyotch!


Killer Mike – Juggernaunt

Killer Mike brings it on this one (as always), but I’m diggin’ it more for the references to Juggernaut. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you prob. won’t get the references in the song. Unfortunately, the hook is not sampled from the YouTube spoof, but rather the X-Men movie. That would’ve put it over the top as the best track of the week in my opinion.

  • Miss Hipstah

    So funny that you posted this. I was having a conversation about the YouTube short yesterday.

    Supposedly, (or what I was told), the line from the X-Men movie was added because of the Youtube thing.

    So now I’m wondering how old that thing is