Can I Read Vibe Again?

by Winston "Stone" Ford

vibecover.jpgSo we all know its true: Vibe Magazine fell off under the tenure of Mimi Valdes.

I don’t know what it is, but there was something about Vibe that was missing once she took over. The gossip section seem to double in size, but since Vibe is a monthly it was always 3 weeks to late. The “Next” section always seemed to be the best part of the magazine to me, but lately its just been profiling record label’s pet projects and weed carriers. And Bobbito is interviewing dudes who aren’t even in the same area code when it comes to musical knowledge.

And who in the hell is getting a cover these days? Bow Wow and Ciara? WTF? True, putting petty little pop stars on your cover will sell on the newsstands (Vibe’s newsstands sales were 8.1%), it will alienate older readers (hence, Vibe’s subscriptions were down 2.8%). Talk to anyone in a business class. You want paying subscribers over some dude who might buy your magazine just because Lil Wayne was on the cover. (No disrespect to Weezy, of course. I’m just using him as an example)

Still, the fate of Vibe ain’t that bad when you think about it. They could be The Source. Even still, the powers that be saw that magazine doing down a slippery slope. The drama that supposedly went down behind closed doors probably had something to do with it as well.

So I was going to let my circulation of Vibe expire at the end of the term, and just chalk up the money and subscribe to The Fader. I used to get Fader for free when my homeboy worked there (plus I used to swipe them from Miss Hipstah), so I still can’t fathom the fact of sending them a $20 check for a bi-monthly magazine. But it seems that almost anything is better than Vibe these days.

What do y’all think?

  • Miss Hipstah

    To be honest, the last issue of Vibe I bought was the one with Luthor Vandross on the cover because it had an article about Afropunk in it and my girl Maya was in the photo spread.

    That was pretty much the coolest article I’d ever seen in Vibe. The photos they used for their main articles SUCKED cause they all had that “photoshop-added-after-bling” effect that is in EVERY issue of Vibe. The articles were pretty pathetically written. I dunno. If I want to read trashy stuff, I’d much rather read The Washington Post. :)


    i like the site i keep it in my favorite list & check on it every few weeks and when i read this vibe piece i had to write and share my experience. i mailed in a 2 year subscription and havent received the JULY or AUGUST issue ever since the regime change up @ vibe. i read the BS on various sites about the takeover & emailed customer service to cancel my subscription and cut me a refund check but i doubt ill get it. i know thats alot of info but i felt somebody needs to read this to keep them from sending hard earned money to a faceless corporation with the only intent to exploit pop culture & disrespect their subscriber’s.