Baile Funk Comes to DC

by Winston "Stone" Ford


The first time I saw Diplo spin, it was at Dragonfly last year. The dude is fire, but let’s just say that the crowd was more interested in looking pretty than trying to dance. (It’s a DC thing, trust me.) Hopefully he’ll get a better reception when he plays Black Cat, but somehow I doubt it.

It’s all good though. Diplo will be spinning his brand of balie funk along with Brazillian DJ’s CSS (warning…worst website ever) and Bonde Do Role. Although the hipsters will most likely sit by the bar, this black dude will definately be on the dance floor.

Event takes place this Sunday, June 23rd. Doors open at 8:30. Tickets are $13 advance, and $15 at the door. Hit me up if you’re swinging by.

  • mrkamoji

    I watched this show on July 16, Diplo killed it to me though most people weren’t dancing they were more concerned with what they wore and what he was doing than dancing. Also most people were waiting for MIA sh*t or sh*t from his previous albums. My only issue was with Bonde Do Role, I dunno if its just me but that lead singer is hella weird she just wailed into the mic, like she was trying to make noise.

  • Stone

    Diplo killed it as usual…

    As for the people….I wouldn’t count on uppity hipsters for a good time, but the DC crowd was pretty live this time around. Although they were waiting for some MIA ish, but that’s to be expected.

    Missed bonde do role, but that CSS band was straight garbage.