As the Phonte Turns…


More Phonte drama. Man, the dude can’t catch a break. Now, Eternia (whom we’ve featured a couple times on this site), is all upset because Phonte called her Tit-ernia in a joking matter and sent her off the deep end.

According to her MySpace blog, after the “incident”, she ” I felt as small as…. as small as Phonte would feel if a white businessman he respected shook his hand one day, greeting with a smile and an embrace, calling him “boy” more than once repeatedly.” And now, she’s no longer a little brother fan and will most likely rish her professional and personal relationships over a cheesy come on line.

I never got the chance to meet Eternia in person. We kicked a few emails back and forth, and she seemed like a cool chick. (She’s Canadian, so that means that you’ve never heard of her.) But I gotta side with Phonte on this one. If you go off the deep end when someone calls you “Titernia,” then, as Phone responds, “this is a symptom of a much larger personal issue.”

As a dude, we’ve all been in this situation. We say something that’s slightly vulgar (but seriously, is that vulgar?), yet absolutely harmless and the female blows it out of proportion. In fact, there are girls who aren’t speaking to me to this very day because of things I might have said in jest. It’s not a big deal. Don’t ether your career just cause some dude is starin’ at your boobies.

Oh, and Little Brother haters like Tit-ra Henley are reveling in this one. Go figure.