Album Preview: BOOZOO BAJOU – Juke Joint 2


I’m going to preface this by saying that I never heard of Boozoo Bajou before this CD arrived in my mailbox. Usually I have some type of clue of what to write as far as backstory, but with this group, I’m drawing blanks. What I can piece together though, (thanks to Google) is that they are a European (German?) DJ duo who dropped a “ground breaking” trip-hop album entitled Dust My Broom which blended American blues and classic soul from the South.

This year they’re releasing Juke Joint II, a followup to their first Juke Joint compilation CD that dropped in 2003. Essentially, its a compilation of rare sounds and remixes featuring artists that you’ve most likely never heard of. If you’re looking for a comfort zone when it comes to music then you’re this joint is not for you. Unless you get down with Alice Russell, DJ Day, Mulatu Astatque, and Hanne Hulkeberg on a daily basis.

Get past the unfamiliarity angle and you have a solid CD. It starts off with a Boozoo Bajou remix of Joe White’s legendary “A Rainy Night In Georgia.” These dudes have an ear for sound. The El Michaels Affair rework of Issac Hayes’ “Hung Up On My Baby,” is superb. Nichole Willis and Urbs & Cutex are solid selections as well.

The most notable track for me was by Ethiopian jazz musician Mulatu Astatque. I only recently heard about this dude a couple days ago after watching that Bill Murray movie Broken Flowers. The movie was wack, but Astatque did the score and Ethiopian jazz is my new thing now.

The verdict: If you’re getting tired of rollin’ wit it and rockin’ wit it, and you really want to enhance your musical experience, you should definitely cop the CD. You have to be willing to open up to new music though, and sometimes its a tough thing. Juke Joint II will be released in the US on August 8th 2006.