1xtra in “The States”


UK-based 1Xtra, the “New Black Music” side of the BBC broadcasting family is coming to “the States” in this month for a Month long promotional tour. 1Xtra personalities, Ronnie Herel, L Double, Robbo, and Semtex will be spinning, R&B, Drum and Bass, Dancehall/Soca, and Hip-Hop respectively.

So first off, I gotta say that 1Xtra is probably one of the best “Black Music” radio stations ever put on the face of this earth. I’ve been listening to this station online ever since it launched in ’02. During the day, the play all the D4L mess, but their non-format shows are probably some of the best in the world. Its one of the few stations that would cover dirty south, grime, dancehall, and trip-hop in the same day. Also, their documentaries about urban life in the UK rival make it sound like the unofficial Black NPR.

Unfortunately, the aren’t hittin’ up DC or Baltimore, but if you’re in Atlanta, Houston, LA, or New York, be sure the check out the 1Xtra website for more information and club dates.