Wale: This is how you go-go

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Wale – 1 Thing About A Playa

A couple months ago, I was talking to some DC hip-hop heads about what’s lacking in the DC music scene. Go-go is DC’s native musical form (if you don’tknow, read up), but other than some appearances on the House Party soundtrack and that Amerie single, its rarely heard outside of the District lines.

I told them that the best way to expose outsiders to go-go is to mix it with traditional hip-hop beats. Go-go is best experienced live. It doesn’ttransfer to radio well. However, the beat is key. We already know that Jill Scott and (Canadian?) Melissa Bathory can use the beat in R&B. So why not hip-hop? You have dudes from Alaska droppin’ Baltimore Club beats. So why not have have dudes from Texas singing “Take me out to the go-go?”

The music can be worldwide. You just have to package it right. For these dudes, it was “go-go or nothin'”. They gave me the “why is this bamma from the Ward 3 trying to tell us about go-go look,” and that was that.


This track by Wale though, best illustrates what I was trying to explain. You got the hot beat. The go-go sample. The multiple DC shout-outs. This is a track that every local radio station should be playing 24/7 and the community should get behind.

  • DCfist

    This shit is so fucking wack. If Wale and his crew weren't giving neck to KYS executives this would be like any other of DC rap greatest hits – collecting dust at Mad T's music box.

  • MalikdaQreat

    My Man how’s it feel to be hata, damn dawg crabs in a fuckin bucket. Soundz like somebodies demo got thrown away. The boi Wale is blazing ‘em right now and if you can’t see that then you can’t see nothin.

    Fuckin Hata!

  • Sade

    WALE’ is tha SHIT! stop hatin bama.
    go head n holla at that new “HAte Is Tha New LOve”!!!!!!

  • Keekee

    My boo wale is hawt right now and niggas is just hatin he`s the best in dc and everywhere else da nigga is goin places ya digg?

  • Go-Go Head

    Fuck dat bamma ass nigga up there…sounds like a hata on tha grind…if yo black ass aint on that wale shit then fuck you and whoeva kno u…

  • Anonymous

    aye no bull-shit……..sumbody get that guy sum headphones and press play on that ADD II
    lol!!!!!!! WALE is the shit so get hip

  • Gangsta Boo

    I LUV DC Go-Go, so y cum up this typa bullshit. Sum ppl copy sumbody else’s work n claim it as they own… so maybe they protectin they shit!

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