Review: Shambhala – The Lotus Of…

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The Lotus Of…
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Shambhala – Enlightenment

If y'all know me in person, then you would know that there aren’ttoo many albums that I would define as absolute “classics.” To me, a classic is an album that 1.)Redefines or creates a new genre (The Chronic, Get Crunk, Who U Wit), 2.)Creatively excels and sets the bar of a genre to new heights (Stankonia), or 3.)Withstands the test of time (The Low End Theory, Uptown Saturday Night).

It’s too early to say if Shambhala’s The Lotus Of will fulfill those three of my requirements yet. But it fulfills number 4 – Can be placed in a car CD player and not leave for the duration of a 3 hour car trip.

That’s what happened to me on a trip to Virginia this past weekend. The Lotus Of was so damn good that I had to hear the album over again, not once, but twice after the first playing. That my friends, is a bold step for me.

But damn, the beats on this album are sick, as well as the unique and skilled lyricism of Born Infinite and Aqua, who make up the DC-based group.

Of course, when one thinks of a “local rapper,” you think of some wack ass MC rapping over beats jacked from some dude’s Soundclick site. However, Shambhala redefines that label, with production rivaling some of the best “national acts” in the biz. In fact, its the production of this album that first draws you in. DC stand up!

This album is a must buy. Cop it at CD Baby.