Random Ish: Thursday, June 8

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Did you survive 666?

Congrats to Jon (winner of the Lady Sov Contest) and Kanessa (Leela James Contest winner). I’ll be getting in contact with y'all soon.

So I'm not lying when I said that Europe is the new Mississippi. They're straight up blatant about it too, putting up swastikas in football soccer stadiums and throwing ish at black players. Basically their advising all black and brown people not to go to the World Cup. I'm supposed to head out to the UK/Spain in Feb, but after this I might have to reconsider.

Sure, this chica who stole this chick’s phone is dumb, but the girl who posted all her information (address, email, AIM) and pictures is overreacting, don’tya think? Dallas Penn has the rundown.

Dayum! NYC gets all the cool shows. For free. But we knew that already.

McNair to Baltimore: I knew this was gonna happen. Once they got Vince Young they had to make cap room. I think Steve is gonna do big things in B'more for one, because he is the hardest working quarterback in football today. (Oh, and am I the only Titans fan in the DC area?)

And…another day, another broken MP3 player. What do y'all think? Should I get another Creative Zen, the SanDisk (creator of the iDon’tads), or join the hipsters scenesters and get a damn iPod?

  • Paulette

    >I'm supposed to head out to the UK/Spain in Feb, but after this I might have to reconsider.

    look there is racism everywhere, so go and enjoy yourself. you'll be fine in the UK as long as you stay out of the less populated areas. even then i don't think its much worse than what goes on in america. same goes for spain. ibiza is a big tourist destination so less things happen there. if you go to a football match, skip the local ones and go to the premiership ones and you'll be ok.

  • Stone

    Good look on the info. I'll make sure to watch my back (which is a sad thing to say in 2006 isn't it?)

  • Jerome Baker

    cop the ipod, i have 3 of em and they're worth it.