Random Ish: The Let’s Get Two of Every Animal Edition


DC went through some ish last night. And we're supposed to get more tonight. Seems like Bush done pissed off God again!

Forget Cristal, THIS IS BIG. THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT OF 1965 MIGHT NOT BE RENEWED. The Rethugs have decided to yank the bill from the floor delaying a vote for renewal. Even worse are the Rethugs saying that they we don't need the voting rights act anymore.

And not to get TOO political, but…Baratunde’s New York Times Bestselling Book covers are hil arious.

My new crush….Naomie Harris.

And don't listen to the haters. Bobbi K is lookin' fine.

I was never a big football soccer fan, but the World Cup is insane. The only way to watch it is on the Spanish Channel though. Gooooooooooooooooooal!

I copped a 30 gig video iPod video last week. This thing is magical. If you've been holding out on iPod them my advice is to buy one. (Mr. Jobs, I want my check in the mail). Still, I can't get with the white stock headphones (my Sony ones are better), so you can't call me a hipster quite yet.

And finally, check out 2 Guys 2 Cities 2 Sidekicks outta OH. They're podcast is fly as well: Hip-Hop and Kool-Aid. Lovin' it for the title alone!