Podcast 012: Camp Lo


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MP3 Download: The Couch Sessions Podcast – Camp Lo

Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede, better known as Camp Lo, have been pushing the limits of hip-hop since their formation in the Bronx circa 1995. Since then, the duo has dropped classics such as “Coolie High,” “Park Joint,” and of course, “Luchini.”

Since then, the duo has been laying low, splitting their time between their NY homebase and the more Southernly locations of Richmond, Virginia and North Carolina. Rome (from Better Than Yours) caught up with Cheeba and Suede as they were in the studio with 9th Wonder, cutting a new track for their comeback CD.

Intro Track
Shambhala – Full Moon Of The Tao (from The Lotus Of…)

Podcast Music
Camp Lo – Black Connection (from Uptown Saturday Night)
Camp Lo – Gotcha (from Let’s Do It Again)