Outkast Idlewild Cover

by Winston "Stone" Ford


I'm not gonna verify if this is the final cover or not, but if this is Outkast approved then it almost looks like a reflection of where the group is today. Notice that Andre and Big Boi aren't in the same frame. If the record label wanted to promote the fact that they were “still together” (Nullus) then they would be side by side.

Each member is in the other’s picture, which is a nice touch. Apparently, it plugs into the movie somehow, but we won't find out until August. It’s probably one of the more interesting album covers to drop this year.

  • djeurok

    Outkast let you know about there breakup years ago:

    “We won't be able to ride after 2004″

  • Miss Hipstah

    I was kinda hoping the album cover would be like the movie poster. With a rooster sitting on top of an old skool microphone.

  • Ashtin

    Also if u listen to the song Aquemini they say there gonna be together forever. I read i article in Vibe stating there relationship. There pretty much siblings from another mother. They arent gonna “break up” They might go on and do solo projects but theyll still be Outkast