New Music: Muhsinah


So a friend who reads the blog daily (or so she says) but never comments (hint hint), reminded me that I haven’tposted about any “new music” in a while, and that they goal of the blog is “supposed to be about new music, isn’tit?”

Simma down girl.

But seriously, I'm still about new music, I haven’theard any underground ish that’s worth posting. That’s until I stumbled upon Muhsinah’s profile on MySpace. Its the best “experimental soul” that I've heard since I got onto that A Race of Angels CD last August. It’s like a J*Davey meets 9th Wonder type vibe. Add a dash of Sy Smith for flavor and you have some of the best soul coming out of DC (stand up!) right now.

Do yourself a favor and cop her Oscillations EP from CDBaby, and keep on the lookout for a future show by this talented artist.

Muhsinah – “Millions” (audio clip)
Muhsinah – “Construction” (audio clip)