Movie Preview: District B13


It’s Paris 2010. The French government has walled off the mostly minority and poor sections of Paris from the rest of the city. In turn, the areas get more dangerous. Drugs, crime, and lawlessness ensue, of course. But there are two men, yes two men, who aren’twilling to accept the status quo.

What ensues is a buddy action film. In French, of course.

But why are people raving that District B13 is the hottest action movies of the year? Well, remember that Nike commercial showing the dude being chased by the chicken? Well, that’s what the first 20 minutes of this flick is supposed to look like, sans chicken, of course. The film’s motion draws heavily on the pakour (free running) movement. In fact, the actor who plays Leïto, one of the the main characters is none other than parkour creator David Belle. Also, like many of the Asian films such as Ong Bak, which this movie draws inspiration, the actors use no special effects and wires.

The flick has an 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (that’s good people) and getting stellar reviews across the board. I'm definitely putting this on my “must see” list.