More Furtado Goodness

Nelly Furtado – “Afraid” (via Palms Out Sounds)

I wasn’tinto Ms. Furtado’s new “sound.” I mean, I wasn’tdigging her old sound either, but when Promiscuous dropped I found it sounding like the “folk star” is trying to ho herself up to get more sales.

But as more and more tracks from her new album Loose get leaked, the more I find myself liking her new direction as an artist. We all thought that Timbaland was slipping as a producer, but he’s back in a major way with this one. This track, “Afraid,” which is my favorite of album so far. Its on this Gnarls Barkley/Depeche Mode tip. It has the required with gutar riffs, synths, and little kids singing the hook to qualify it as being “left field.” I can see Timbo turning to Danger Mouse and singing “I can do it to punchenella, punchenella…” in a high pitched voice. Nullus.

Oh, and who’s the rapper on this track. Some people are saying Bubba Sparxxx?