Kicked to da Curb

I hope y'all aren’tgoing to try and hit up Yuca tonight.

Cause they just got evicted. Not only that, but their ish got put out on the street like the baby daddy of a woman scorned.


Notice that couch? That’s the same one from The Couch Sessions lounge that we sponsored at the Flow event back in February (you can kind of see it on the flyer). They threw out The Couch Sessions couch! WTF???


Amd some more “only in DC ish:”

Making beeping noises, one guy pushed a dark-colored sofa down the sidewalk. But then another man claimed dibs on the couch, causing the first guy jab his finger menacingly at him and threaten to abscond with the couch if he walked away again. The second guy eventually dragged the sofa across the street with a friend’s help. Other folks drove off with potted palms and carried away bone-white saucers by hand.

Seeing some dude push a couch down 18th street “making beeping noises” in broad daylight is priceless.

Okay, so I don’twanna make light of a situation, but this is hands down one of the funniest things I've seen this week.