In Philly Everything’s a jawn….

Random Ish: The Philly Soul Edition

Yes, it seems that I have been out of town every weekend for the past month or so. This weekend, it was family time in the City of Brotherly Love. Things happened. I'm not going to put my business out on on the internets. If you know me personally, then you already know what went down.

This is hil arious. Listen to what this dude had to go through to cancel his AOL.

Alo Brasil. A 20 piece Brazillian band ensemble complete with dancers and a drum seciton = Mad Craziness. Saw /hung out with these dudes in Philly. If they come to your town. GO.

What would've happened if Len Bias made it to the NBA?

They're rich beyotch. Cee Lo and Dangermouse have made over $9 million each from Gnarls Barkley from sales in the UK alone. They probably made more bank than most artists since they didn’tuse any record company money and produced the album independently. Dayum.

My boy JD is making moves as always. He just landed a gig at (Time Warner). Show him some love.

I haven’tbeen following the whole boycott Cristal thing, so I havne’thad time to form a real opinion on the matter. Seriously, there is more ish that we have to deal with (Katrina?) than a $500 bottle of champange. I don’tknow how yout feel, but Adisa Banjoko goes after Jay-Z in a major way. (from ProHipHop)

Pretty City has an interview with DC-based street artist DECOY.

Tricks of the Trade
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Firefox heads: Peep this download accelorator. You can download almost any file in half the time. Works with most MP3 blogs, but it won’twork with most file hosting servers like Rapidshare.