I’ll Teach You How To Stunt : Summer of ’06 (Pt. 1)


What it do people? It seems like summer started….tuesday. It went from ehh to man its hot to why is every store saying their AC is broken in a matter of hours. Now that shorts, short sleeves, and G Nikes are in effect mode I'm gonna put you up on game on how to have the fly gear this summer, what to download on your ipod for that bus trip to NY, and basically everything you need to have maximum uppage of your G…

Musically Stone blessed you with the Summer Sounds podcast and should've been bumpin that now, but in case you've slept I'm drop a few gems to keep your music game trump tight:

I keep it way mid-90s so It Was Written and Reasonable Doubt get major burn as well as other mid 90s gems.

We all know albums SUCK now a days, but mixtapes are where its at. You can’tgo wrong (most of the time) with the heat supplied by MixUnit or Gangsta Grillz.

Being that its hot you gotta keep all excessive weight off you to stay cool so cop a shuffle and call it a day.

Now I really don’tthink the West can be brought back by a bunch of 35-38 year old rappers, but with new projects from Tha Dogg Pound, Ice Cube, and Too Short (?), its lookin like an ok summer for the west (GAME really is THAT dude out there, he even fccks w/the hipsters).

I'm not really an R&B dude, so I'm not even gonna lie and say I know what is droppin from that genre this summer. The best bet for keepin your love game tight this summer is the afformentioned Love Break cd. People this cd is that deal. Real songwriting, emotion, and overall good music. Man I can’tspeak enought about this cd and try to get enough people to get copies of it.

Still droppin this summer that I know of : Pimp C, Skateboard P, Lupe, and……u keep me posted and I’ll listen to Devin the Dude.

After the jump read about where to cop the flyest gear, the 6 mixtapes I am trying to drop this summer, and the couch sessions intern program (Stone lets get it crackn w/the young impressionables!!!)


At this point you should really only coppin gear from unique spots. If you have to get to get suited and booted everyday its all about Paul Smith and basically starting a Neimans credit card.

Most of the gear I mess with outside of good 'ol Ralph is considered “streetwear”, but I call it “fresh to death w/o a white tee”. Nothin against the 5xl bmore/philly white tee wearing brethren, but I can’tget with that. Holla @ clearing your credit card to cop:

Mighty Healthy, King Stampede, Lemar and Dauley and 75% of the sh-t you see on Commonwealth. Make sure you also cop from Boundless NY, Cartel Goods, Digital Gravel, KarmaLoop, and KrudMart.