I Need A MySpace Jawn


Graf – MySpace Jumpoff

El Pus – MySpace Famous (snippet)

I've been on this damn MySpace thing for almost 2 years with nothing to show for it. Seriously, it’s harder to get honeys on MySpace than in real life. But I digress.

Apparently other people (besides my boy who gets MySpace booty every weekend) are making riding this train to the bank.

First up is Graf. Who is this dude? Never heard of him. But so far he’s got almost 10,000 MySpace friends, mentions on XXL (and sadly, this site), and truckloads of sistas on his comments. The song is actually pretty damn nice for something that’s trying to take on a random fad, and I could actually see them getting radio play. If this dude becomes a superstar because of MySpace then there will be no need for BET.

Next we have El Pus. You know these cats. We interviewed them last year. They have a MySpace song too, but unlike Graf’s celebration of the MySpace booty, this one comes from the perspective of some wacked out MySpace addict. The line “I even got some pictures up with no shirt on/I never read my comments cause the list is too long” paints the picture here. Think one of the dudes from their Suburb Thuggin' video and you have the picture.

From a marketing standpoint, it’s bananas. Recording artists love MySpace. People on MySpace love MySpace. Those profiles are as ubiquitous as email addresses. It’s only natural that artists would court such a vast market by making songs about it (or using it to get booty. Whatever works?). 16 year old girls are adding these songs to their profiles by the thousands as I type.