Girl Power Tuesdays


I have a love hate relationship with the ladies. I love them, but they always seem to hate me. Alas, I'm offering up these MP3s as a peace offering to the other sex, so maybe I can broker a deal and we can “hug it out.”

Nikki Jean – “A Song”
– This girl is talented. I mean, true talent, not that Pro Tools/AR driven talent. She’s a musical prodigy. Not only does she front one of the hottest bands outta Philly (that’s not named The Roots), but she’s respected artist in her own right. I see big things in her future.

Janelle Monae – “Lettin' Go” – I was feelin' this track when it was released on Big Boi’s “Got Purp, Vol 2” compilation last fall. Fellas, do your girl a favor when she’s stressed from work. Play this track. You'll thank me later. (Bonus: Check the interview at Concrete Loop)

Lily Allen – “Smile” – So according to the internets, Lily Allen is supposed to be the next hotness from the UK. Homegirl is like a combination of Amy Winehouse, Nelly McCay and The Streets. Of course, the last thing I need to hear on a Tuesday morning is the rantings of some insecure British chick, but her…um, “cheeky” humor (humour?) makes it worthwhile. (props to Miss Hipstah)

J*Davey – “Relax”
– I've got so many inquires this track since it was on the Podcast that I decided to post this track separately. I don’thave any info on this track at all (Filthy, can u help a brotha out?), but its been floating around the 'net for months, so its lookin' like another white label release.

Nelly Furtado – “Maneater” (Live Lounge acoustic performance) – Um, didn’tHall and Oates do this song about 20 years ago? Apparently, the maneater won’tdie. The gist of this song goes like this: Stone doesn’thave a chance of picking up Ms. Furtado at a club. Damn.