Asamov Ain’t Asamov No More

The Jacksonville hip-hop group formally known as Asamov is now called The AB's.

Seems the family of writer Isaac Asimov pulled a Cristal and decided that the group was giving the author “unwanted attention,” and they filed a cease and desist order. The group not only had to change their name, but halt pressings of their newest CD And Now. It dosen’tmake sense because the names are spelled differently. It’s like Rockefeller and Roc-a-fella. Same pronouciation, but different words. WTF?

Still, it was either do the name change or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in court. The AB’s is short for “Alias Brothers.” Lets hope to God nobody has the rights to that name.

For more info check the Podcast with Asamov The AB’s that we recorded in February.