Anthony Cruz = The Most Underrated Rapper Ever

by Winston "Stone" Ford


AZ – Dirty

What happens when you drop the best album of 2005 and nobody cares?

You go back into the studio and drop even more hot tracks. “Dirty” is off of his AZ’s upcoming album The Format, which may end up being the best album of 2006.

Seriously, if you're not feeling AZ then you're on crack. Check A.W.O.L. and get back to me if you disagree.

  • Michael in Los Angeles

    Sorry Stone,
    I checked out AZ's single “Dirty” you have hosted here and if that is a sample of what he is spittin' then I guess I am on crack – I ain't feelin' it at all. I didn't hear anything new or unique about his style, flow, or subject matter that made me say “Damn, I gotta go cop that joint!” Sadly, I think today's overall hip-hop output is just so average that anything that is pretty good makes people jump up and down. I should check out AZ's previous CD AWOL before slamming the cat – but again, if “Dirty” is the sh*t, then I must be out of it.

    Now to answer the obvious question – “if this is just okay than what the hell do you like?” Latest thing I heard that I thought was pretty good – MURS' latest record “Murray's Revenge” did it for me.

    Guess I'm a hater, sorry.

  • Stone

    Wait, so what crack are you smoking again??

    Just kiddin', but you're not the only one who dosen't like him. I still don't see why but to each his own! Maybe this song is not the best, but AZ is definately getting slept on. I'll try to up “AZ's Chilin'” and “Never Change” when I get time. DJ Premier handles most of the production, so if your'e a Primo fan than its a good look.

    I compare his flow to a mixture of NAS and Lupe Fiasco. But its classic NY hip-hop. So if your'e looking for something new and different, you probably not gonna find it with AZ.

  • The Ill Candy Can

    I'm a huge AZ fan – or at least I try to be. AZ has the same problem that Jada has. Both are insanely good lyricists and both have no interest in anything but superficial flows. They'll delve a little here and there but for the most part they don't really open up about much. I've heard 100 AZ songs and still don't know that much about the dude. Seems like that's what keeping him from being that next level MC.

  • Sylvia

    No sentence is truer then: Anthony Cruz is The Most Underrated Rapper Ever.
    So unappreciated…

  • Anonymous

    az will destroy any platnium 100 spins on the radio rapper out now point blanK!

  • Emmy Em

    AZ, we’re still here for you. Your songs are still top-notch. Your beats are getting better not that it matters what you spit on because your Decade-plus of music is still untouchable. You, Rakim and Pac get the most listens from me. Along with M.O.P., Ghost, Raekwon, Rza, the old Mobb and such artists. Oh, Ras Kass as well and Snoop and ‘em

  • demond

    when is az (the format) cd coming out?

  • Stone

    It says sometime in 2006, but there is no firm date yet.

  • killa drew

    Ya that track aint one of my favorites from AZ….though i think dude is one of the sickest ever!!! The A.W.O.L album is a bad example as well to get people to really see AZ at top notch. For a first time AZ listner you should check out Aziatic and Doe or Die, both classic. AZ is kinda reminding me of prodigy from Mobb Deep though, they both aren’t as sick as they used to be.

  • killa k

    that boy AZ flows crazy and has ill beats.. he needs to work on hooks and all that but he is deff. a commercial rapper and still holdin it down

  • http://oanalbum Dre

    Next to jada as an earlier poster said most under rated. I have been fan of AZ since day one and would love to see NAS and AZ do an album. Turely one of the best

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