Why Does DC Suck?

by Rome

I mean this is a question born out frustration, observation, and plain old wonder. How can Washington DC, one of the 3 major cities on the east coast (Boston doesn’tcount to me cuz…no one talks about it, i still see u Southie), have such a weak nightlife and scene? In the last 24 months 2 parties that catered to funk/soul/hip hop have been cancelled, the club closed, or whatever and now people are forced to go places that are so-so.

I had a post all ready to go about how DCs nightlife and music scene pretty much suck, but I’m only one person so let me know (LEAVE COMMENTS PEOPLE) your opinion of the DC scene (nightlife, local hip hop, indie rock, techno/house, etc.) – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • AD

    As a transplated NYer, I have to agree that DC's party scene is weak…however, i'm curious about this new spot:

    DJ Dirty Hands is the resident there and he always brings the heat.

  • Stone

    The problem with music in DC is that there is no music industry in DC. Philly, B'more, etc have record companies, that feed talent to the major labels. If people see that their city has people on the come up…(Look at Philly), then more venues will open up and more people will get involved in the scene.

    DC has none of that. The potential exists in DC, but its might take years for us to even reach B'more's level.

  • Owen

    true, but i think it has a lot to do with the people because most people in dc would rather see lil john or r kelly at mci center than a underground hip-hop show. all the people who want to see ughh move to nyc or get old and don't go to shows anymore. most hip-hop events fail here because there just isn't the audience here like in philly or ny. we can't compete with them because they've been doin this thing for years. dc is only now catching up.