The Calendar


Damn, May/June is gonna be hot in DC. In more ways than one. But we need to get some solid DJ nights back in this city. (Hint hint).

Friday, 5/5 @ The Black Cat – W.Ellington, Kev Brown and RPM – These are three acts that show the world that DC is for real when it comes to hip-hop and not just an afterthought.

Saturday, 5/6 – Van Hunt @ Jin – Yeah, you read this right. Van Hunt is coming to DC, again. (Didn’the swear that he wouldn’tplay The District again?) And he’s playing at Jin, which is supposed to be the hot spot on 14th and U. Oh, and this is being co-produced by Fusicology. Does that mean that Aysa’s bringing more events to DC? Let’s hope so.

Monday, 5/8 – The Lucky Bastards @ Black Cat – Banned in DC alumni, The Lucky Bastards are playing a full set this time, at the Black Cat backstage.

Sunday, 5/14 – Ice Cube, The Clipse @ 9:30 Club – Damn, I’m gonna be on my way back from South Carolina and I had free tickets to this show! Ice Cube is definitely going to throw down, but I think everyone is waiting to see what the Clipse is gonna do.

Thursday, 5/18 – Lupe Fiasco @ ???
– Don’tknow too many details about this show. Hopefully it will pop off at either the Black Cat or 9:30. If you have any info about this, hit me up.