The Best Albums of the Year So Far

So we're reaching that halfway point of '06 and I have to say that ya boy is disappointed with the new album releases so far. Maybe because I got so much good new music in '05, I figure that 2006 would be even better. But alas, most of my playlist consists of music that was recorded before 1997.

Having that said, there are a few gems that have stood out in this year.

E40My Ghetto Report Card – E40 and Lil John make an album about “gettin' dumb” sound smart and crunk at the same time. This has been a favorite of mine from the first spin.

Gnarls Barkley St. Elsewhere – If this album didn’tmake this list then I would be on crack. Is this the greatest album of all time? Probably not. But its certainly the most innovative and creative of 2006. The duo wins more cool points for their creative visual marketing campaign in addition to the music.

Various ArtistsExit Music: Songs for Radio Heads – This CD does two things to me. First, it shows just how creative and versatile hip-hop can be. Second, it reestablishes my connection with Radiohead (a connection I abandoned long ago). You'll be hearing more about this CD on the blog, but until then, I have to say that this CD is a must listen even if you don’tlike the band from Oxfordshire.

Back to the Beat – Another CD that y'all will be hearing about soon. This CD just got into my possession last week but it has already vaulted to the top of the playlist. This is a proper remix album: Nomadic takes the classics that we know and love and flips it, making some of them, like “My Adidas” seem unrecognizable. This will blow up your summer sound system for sure.