Random Ish: Wednesday, May 24th

Free Dupont Circle wireless = da shiznit. NERDS UNITE!

Last week for Contests: LADY SOV. LEELA JAMES. Props to everybody who entered.

Oh, and on a related note, I’ll have more new music for ya'll starting next week. I have a crateload of CD’s I have to go through, but like Rome, I'm workin' crazy hours. Things will settle down come next week though.

Gunz?? You just got called out!

Alabama is runnin' this um…American Idol ish. I stopped event caring after Paris got voted off (and to a lesser degree Elliott), but I gotta give it up for Taylor cause he represents the home state.

Axl Rose got the beat down by….Tommy Hilfiger? WTF?

Oh, and Jay…Beyonce, definately, Beyonce. (via CL)

This blog reminds us of how many stupid people still exist in this world.

My next phone.

My hero Giles Peterson may or may not have checked the site. God bless the internets.

Oh, and props to Ian for getting me on to Emily King. Amazing.

Is Rhymefest being slept on?

Oh, and L Dog put me onto the Trailer Park Boys. Hil arious.