Random Ish: Thursday, May 18th

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Tire rotation and a Latte. That’s how they do it in the Low Country.

My body has been back from South Carolina since Sunday. My brain just got back last night. Anyway, I haven’tdone one of these in a while, so here goes:

Okay, so in ’06 I’ve been getting a bunch of wack music in my inbox (and my mailbox). Where is the good music at? Seriously???

Oh, and can anybody suggest some new rock music for my Zen? The Deftones and Doves MP3s are getting played out.

And does anyone have a way to record a good phone Podcast. My setup is jacked. I lost one good Podcast and I’m barely salvaging another due to mad audio difficulties.

We have two contests this month. One from Leela James, and one from Lady Sov. If you love me, you’ll enter.

Why are so many Weed Carriers being killed? And while we’re on the subject, vote in the first annual Weed Carrier awards.

New Pharell feat. Kanye – “Metrosexuals Unite”“Number One”. Pharell is becoming too damn predictable nowadays. He needs to drop a banger like “Flap Ya Wings” to stay relevant.

Miami Tops Auto Club List for Rude Drivers – My sister used to live in MIA and when I went down she loaned me her car for a couple days. This is no joke. Miami people don’tknow how to drive. I’ve driven in NYC, London, and the Caribbean, and the only time I feared for my life was driving down South Dixie Highway.

Much respect to Honey for the shout out!

Listening to this song will drive you to suicide.

Oh, and future Couch Sessions shows have been put on hold for the minute while I work on other projects. Hopefully I’ll start doing shows sometime in July/August so be on the lookout.

  • Miss Hipstah

    Why do you keep posting Paris Hilton tracks? I am trying SO HARD not to get that shit (excuse the french) on my hard drive. Cause you know all those files probably have virtual herpes.

    And my computer needs a clean bill of health.

  • Natalle

    There's a lot of good rock music out there… just gotta know where to look :)

    The new RHCP is good and check out She Wants Revenge, The Fray, Artic Monkeys, Panic at the Disco, Death from Above 1979…the list goes on and on…….