New Roots: Don’tFeel Right

by Winston "Stone" Ford


The Roots“Don’tFeel Right”

from Game Theory (2006)

This is the first single of Game Theory and I’m not feelin’ it. Yet. It sounds like a B-side to The Tipping Point. It’s a decent cut, but the title of the track says it all: something about this record don’tfeel right.

I want the band to progress and expand their creative abilities like Outkast, and this first single isn’tshowing much promise for that. I’m still not giving up on them though. The first single off of Tipping Point was wack (and the band wasn’thappy with it), but the rest of the album was up to par.

  • Miss Hipstah

    Is that Nikki Jean singin' on that? It sounds like her.

  • Jerome Baker

    Nah its not Nikki Jean.

    Eff the haters this song is HEAT!!

  • UnDeFiNeD

    I don't know who Stone thinks he is, but posting an article like this about this new Roots song prooves he ain't ready for this new Roots sound by a long shot.
    The only thing that don't feel right here is your sorry ass acces on this site to criticize The Roots without a reason. Of course, everyone got his own taste, but if you don't like them , leave em be, they work so hard for this who are you to say someting like this.

    This 12-inch features ???Don???t Feel Right,??? one of the most poignant songs from the album. Kicking in hard from the first bar, this track presents The Roots at their best. ?uestlove???s beat is impossible to resist, the piano stabs bring the funk, and Black Thought???s stinging lyrics and flawless delivery are second to none. As if anything more was necessary, the soulful Maimouna Yousef delivers the chorus with a burning conviction that feels just right. With timely breakdowns, tasteful change-ups, and even a few samples (from Kool & The Gang and the Ohio Players) snuck in to the mix, ???Don???t Feel Right??? will be setting dance-floors and street-corners on fire. Also including the instrumental and radio edit, this 12-inch won???t be leaving record bags any time soon.

  • Stone

    Dude, obviosuly you don't know me….

    I own every roots album since Organix, and I've seen the roots sound evolve ever since…so I'm not a Roots hater by a longshot

    We can respectfully disagree, but I'm just not feelin' this track. I'm sorry if I can't jump on the bandwagon and such , just because they dropped a new single.

  • UnDeFiNeD

    Ok Stone, fair enough.

    Seems we have more in common than I presumed, concerning The Roots anyway.

    I'm also a trusty follower since organix, got all cd's/LP's saw them live 5 times.

    Every fan that has been there since organix, knows that they have been experimenting and re-inventing theirselves along the way.
    I jumped on the bandwagon in 1997 and never left it, especially those live shows are just incredible.