New Music: Sleepy Brown – Margarita


Sleepy Brown“Margarita” feat. Big Boi and Pharrell
from Mr. Brown (2006)

I gotta admit, I’m a sucker for Neptunes beats, even if they all sound the same. Who cares. I’ve been ridin’ the Neptunes since the mid-nineties (no Vito), and this track is no exception. This could look to be the track of the summer if they finally get to drop that Sleepy Brown album.

And what’s up with the Sleepy Brown album anyway? The dude can’teven get a fair shake even though he produced TLC’s Waterfalls and dropped the most slept on R&B album ever (Sleepy’s Theme). I know the dude is not hurtin’ for money, but can the brother get a break?