New Music: Method Man feat Lauryn Hill


Method Man feat Lauryn Hill“Things They Say”
from ???

After her wack ass performance in New Orleans last week, not to mention the blunder that is the return of the Fugees, I was about to give up on Ms. Hill. However, her hook on this song proves that my homegirl ain’tout yet. I don’twant Lauryn to be reduced to a hook girl, but anything is better than nothing.

Method Man is mad as hell, y’all. And with the state of hip-hop right now, who wouldn’tbe? Not only does he go after the “industry,” but sets his aim at the critics that gave his last album the diss. (I didn’teven know he had a last album, so y’all don’tlook at me!)

The track itself is hot. The instrumental sounds like something off of Miseducation, and the chemistry between Meth and Hill is good, though it can’tcompare to him and Mary J (though not many rapper/R&B combos could even try). I’m trying to find out more info about this track, but its most likely the first single off of Meth’s new album 421 which drops sometime this year.