Monday Gem: Punjabi MC


Punjabi MC“Raat Da Na Bole” (Summertime Remix)
from ???

The first time I heard this track was at club Dream (oh, I'm sorry, Club Love) when the top floor was taken over for a “Bhangra Beach Party.” At that point, I didn’tknow that my fellow brown-skinned people could throw down like that. No offense, but all the Indian people I knew at that point spent Friday nights in the library, Browngirl being an exception of course.

Anyway…there was a short period of time when this music was big. Every Indian DJ and their mother mixed a DMX track with some Bollywood beat. Timbaland ripped off a few Bhangra beats for Misssy. Even Jay-Z exploited the genre with his Punjabi MC remix, “Beware of the Boys” (Which got Punjabi a ticket to DC to perform at some concerts). Unfortunately, that era of music is over, but I'm gonna have to find my Bhangra mixtapes and reminisce.

After about 3 years of half-assed searching, I FINALLY got my hands on this track from Punjabi MC, because it was the missing gem for a Mix CD I was making for this girl at the time–and we all know how that panned out. So it ain’tgonna be on the mixtape, but its a hot track nonetheless.