Idlewild will be the last Outkast album.


Yep, I said it. I'm putting myself on the record by doing it too. I’ll bet money against anyone who thinks otherwise. (Umm….yeah, let’s scratch the money part.)

If y'all didn’tknow, there is a new article in Entertainment Weekly entitled “The end of Outkast?” that’s making its way around the internets. Read it and let me know what ya'll think. To me, it signals the beginning of the end.

I'm sure the editors at EW are playing the verbal back and forth to grab headlines, but still, we all know what’s coming. To me, the group broke up after Speakerboxx/The Love Below. In fact, there were a couple articles of a similar nature that were published during that time. Still, the members vow that they are still “together”, although most people think that the Outkast name will vanish after they satisfy their contractual obligations.

So what would we do in a world without Outkast? These are the last two rappers on earth that can drop an album that’s “left field,” and still be mainstream. Hopefully they have some solo projects in the works.