I Ruin…err Run NY


XXL Magazine is saying that 50 Cent Destroyed New York. I agree and disagree with this statement. On one hand you can see how 50s brand of pop flavored/infused music built upon what Murder Inc had built and ran with it. EVERY rapper was running to their mans from the block for corny ass hooks and watching NRA specials to learn about every gun in existence…

…however NY rap in 2001(2?) wasn’t exactly at its peak like it had been in the mid 90s. 50 didn’tkill NY so much as he killed the A&R. He made the A&R position obsolete with his marketing prowess and self promotion. Why should a label invest years in an artist when they can sit back, let someone create their own buzz and fanbase, and then snatch them up with an ok deal and their own imprint if they sell 2million albums?

“Fiddy” as he white people on 99.5 say is referred to talked about subjects that were familiar to NY artists and did so in a manner that appealed to denise, dana, and dede. He was (and has been) smart enough to use the Eminem angle enough, without losing full credibility.

I really can’twrite about dude to long w/o thinkin about that corny single he has out with Olivia now so um yeah…have a nice day.