Cee-Lo + Jack Splash = The Heart Attack


The Heart Attack – “Right Now”

The Heart Attack – “Gangsta Boogie”

Gnarls Barkley is soooooo early 2006…

You would think that Thomas Calloway (aka Cee-Lo Green) would rest after the success that is Gnarls Barkley. But no, the dude is still on it, recording a new album with Plantlife member Jack Splash. The new duo is working under the name The Heart Attack (or Lovestink depending on who you ask) and droppin’ some 70s soul-influenced goodness on yo ass.

“Right Now,” is a straight rip of a mid-70s soul song, while “Gangsta Boogie” is a horn-drenched dance-floor jam reminiscent of the dude’s breakout record, “Closet Freak.” This is not the life-contemplating, suicide droppin’ Cee-Lo from Gnarls. It’s a return of the feather boa, Bootsy Collins-esque Cee-Lo from Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections.

Some lucky owners of St. Elsewhere were blessed with a 3 track Heart Attack EP (and unfortunately, I wasn’tone of them). Look for it in late 2006.

Update: The only other track on the EP is the “Crazy” Dave Ghetto remix which I’ve had for some time. Same track with an extra DG verse in the middle. I can post a link if y’all request.