Bush Immigration Plan Working?

mia1.jpgThe beautiful, yet quasi-talented UK rapper MIA has been denied a visa to work in the United States by customs. So far, “the man” is being tight-lipped on exactly why they won’tlet her into the country, and the rapper never states on her MySpace blog exactly why she was denied a visa. Most suspect that it has something to do with her lyrics and her fathers ties to the Tamil Tigers terrorist organization.

My guess it that its retaliation for the UK banning Snoop Dogg from their country. If the UK won’tlet Snoop bless them with his tales of weed and pimpdom then we won’tlet MIA bless us with…um…what would she bless us with again?

You know I kid.

Word is that my homegirl was trying to get into the US to work on her new album with the usual talents of Timbaland, Missy Elliott and Kanye. (via Asians in Media, Diff Kitch)