Bloc Party , Live At Coachella


I don’thave to remind y'all on how much I'm diggin' Bloc Party. If you don’tknow who they are, then read up. For those of you in the know, then peep this: their full set at the Coachella Festival is now online. Not only do they drop such their Silent Alarm mainstays as “Banquet,” and “Helicopter,” but they also have two new songs as well. (via BWE Blog, Good Weather for Air Strikes)

Check it:

01. “Waiting For The 7.18” (new song)
02. “Positive Tension”
03. “Banquet”
04. “Blue Light”
05. “She’s Hearing Voices”
06. “Uniform” (new song)
07. “This Modern Love”
08. “Like Eating Glass”
09. “So Here We Are”
10. “Helicopter”